Flood Risk: Update

Update as at 10:30 on Monday 30 April:

  • I am pleased to report that no houses were flooded and all village drainage systems worked as planned.
  • Although Water Lane was flooded it worked as designed carrying excess water quickly down the lane and into the Dumble at the far end where there is more capacity. 
  • The water flow control board at the brick weir was swept away due to the force of the water. Robin is in the process of organising a replacement..
  • My thanks go to Robin & Team for their diligence in a difficult situation.
Environment Agency flood warning information at:-



Jill Jones, Parish Council


2 thoughts on “Flood Risk: Update

  1. thanks for posting these alerts and emailing us direct and thanks to our Flood Wardens who are out there right now checking things out – as per the actions set out in the Village’s Emergency Flood Plan *

    * for a copy of the Plan and Flood Wardens’ contact details go to the Community Resilience section of the Parish Council’s website at http://www.oxtonpc.org.uk/

    or scroll down to the earlier April News posting ‘Flood Plan’ here on the My Oxton Home page

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