Oxton’s Street Lights

I thought you might be interested in hearing about Notts County Councils’ (CC) plans to switch off street lights in rural areas during the night. These measures include specific plans for Oxton.

Under current proposals all street lights in the village will be switched off between midnight and 5:30am with the exception of Water Lane and one light at the top of Elmcroft. The light in the village hall car park will remain lit as it is not adopted by Notts CC. The Parish Council (PC) has replied requesting that Notts CC give consideration to the principle that only 50% of the lights in Oxton be switched off.

In addition the PC said they felt it important that certain lights be left on all night including those at:-

  • SchoolGardens(an opinion of this will be sought from the Housing Association)
  • BlindLane/Main streetjunction
  • lights in the vicinity of the Church
  • around the Green Dragon and
  • Honeyknab Lane/Windmill Hill junction.

Councillor Stewart of Notts CC gave reassurance to the PC that the Police are in support of the scheme and that in fact there had been a fall in levels of crime in pilot areas. It was pointed out by Councillor Stewart that, as well as the benefits of reducing light pollution, potentially £3m can be saved by switching off lights at night and, as a general principle, the PC is in favour of this however it is felt that certain key areas must not be left in darkness.

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