Lifecycle News

Many thanks to the Carlton Male Voice Choir and to all who attended the concert in February. We had the most fantastic evening and thanks to the choir raised over £1000 towards Lifecycle Oxton funds. My abiding memory of the evening will be of 64 gold jacketed men waving teddy bears and singing “When we go down to the Woods today”. Well done men!

The children from Greenfields school have just visited us in mid March for their Spring visit to Oxton. We did various cooking, gardening and church activities in the morning before making our way to Mill Farm to see the new lambs and ewes. This culminated in watching triplets being born and we sang “Happy Birthday” to each lamb as it appeared from its obliging mum. Thank you to Mick and Sandra for letting us visit.



Thanks to the generous support of many Oxton residents we now have enough funds for a number of future visits.

Thank you to you all.

Finally we always welcome anyone who would like to be involved in this worthwhile project. I assure you it is of mutual benefit as you see our lovely village through fresh eyes as you talk with the children.

Sue Hulme

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