PC Chairman’s Blog – April 2012


Minutes of Meetings:- Full minutes of meetings can be found at www.oxtonpc.org.uk

Village Website:- read the latest village news at www.myoxton.org

Road Traffic Order on New Rd, Sandy Lane & Water Lane:-  The local access order is now in place. We will be reviewing any possible side effects of the restriction on other roads in the village in six months time.

Mindless Vandalism: What is wrong with the youth of today?? The weekend of 17/18 March saw a small group of young lads damaging one of the waste bins on the recreation ground, very close to the play area. The bin is probably damaged beyond repair. The incident has been reported to the Police who have issued a crime number which will enable the Parish Council (PC) to, if necessary, make an insurance claim.

The same time period saw wanton damage to the bin at the bottom of Elmcroft and partial destruction of a For Sale sign further down Elmcroft, past the post-box.

Please contact any Councillor or the Clerk if you have further details regarding this inane damage.

MyOxton Village Website:  A big thank you goes to Dave Greenwood for his work on our brilliant, informative village website. It offers loads of up-to date, interesting information about Oxton. If you haven’t already, then please check it out at www.myoxton.org

BT Infinity Broadband Has Arrived!:  I thought you might be interested in Grove House’s personal experience of whether or not the fibre optic cabling into the village has made any difference to upload/download speeds.

We were connected on Tues 6 March and the installation went without a hitch. The BT engineer showed my husband, David, the test results of 40Mbits/sec down and 10 Mbits/sec up. David confirmed this using Speed Test which reported 39.7Mbits/sec and 9.8Mbits/.sec respectively. He also asked the engineer for his experience of likely speed throughout the village and the engineer reckoned they would be much the same. Previously we were getting a consistent 2Mbits/sec from a Demon Office 2000 service at a cost of £35 + VAT per month so the BT service at £20.00 per month is a bargain! Incidentally phone calls still go over the existing copper; only Broadband goes over the fibre. We live about 500 metres from the cabinet.

Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC):  I’m sending out an SOS on behalf of the VHMC.  A couple of committee members have had to resign therefore, the very friendly group of people who look after our Village Hall are desperately seeking new members. The Village Hall must be managed by a group of willing volunteers. If this isn’t achievable then the worst case scenario is that the Hall may have to close and I’m sure no-one wants that to happen especially as some of the ideas coming out of the Village Plan have just started to happen i.e. chair based exercise, film nights etc. If you can offer  a couple of hours of your time per month then please call me and I’ll give you contact details so you can find out more information about what you would be required to do.. Please help if you can.

Best Wishes….Jill Jones 0115 965 5984                                                   jill@myetype.co.uk

3 thoughts on “PC Chairman’s Blog – April 2012

  1. Although I do not live locally at present I do enjoy having the link to my Oxton. I live too many miles away to be of assistance with the village hall but would if I could! Many happy hours were spent with my Grandfather at Cherry Tree Farm and when I think of home thats where I am. Thank you all for the time you so freely give. Barbara Peat nee Reavill

  2. Hi Jill I read your blog every month and thought I would say thank you and fellow councillors for the hard work given to our community Malcolm jarvis

  3. Thank you Malcolm…I’ll make sure your comment is passed on to the rest of the Councillors.


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