New grass pitch area coming soon

It seems a long time since we laid the plans last Autumn to provide a flatter and better sports area by levelling and re-seeding part of the recreation ground, but we are pleased to update that works on site have started.

In the early Spring, the necessary programme of removing the moles began.  An area of 70m x 40m has been marked out and treated with an appropriate herbicide to remove all the weeds and the existing grass.  In the first week of April, Oxton Estate will cultivate and level the area and sow it with grass seed, the blend of which has been selected for us by Oakmere Park Golf Club to provide a hard-wearing sward. The area will then be fenced off after sowing to prevent damage to the emerging seeds.

We are very dependent on the weather, but the aim is to open the area in time for the celebrations of the Queen’s Jubilee so we can all benefit from the opportunities for exercise and community matches it will bring – and in this Olympic Year too!

The 3 picnic benches and extra bin are also on order to be installed end of May.

So, what a transformation to look forward to!

In the meantime, thank you to all the volunteers behind this project and Oxton Estate for carrying out the cultivations for us – without their support this project would not have been possible.

The Oxton Recreation Ground Group (Parish Council Sub-Committee)

Secretary:  Cllr Jan Sablitzky  

Pitch Project Coordinator:  Colin Rieley    

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