A Very Special Place

It’s with great pleasure that we can share with you a beautifully detailed ‘virtual tour’ of Oxton written by Mrs Betty Lees, describing the village as it was in 1955, the year that Betty married and moved to Oxton.

We’re sure that the account will be of interest to those who have ever lived in the village, those who have ever visited, and those who have always wanted to.

As Betty says:

Some families have lived, and worked in Oxton for generations. Others have moved more recently bringing with them new ideas. For each there is a special attraction.

Betty describes that attraction with fondness, humour and great detail.

Read the description of “a very special place” on the Oxton Memories page.

If you have memories and/or photos of Oxton that you would like to share, please send them to contactmyoxton@gmail.com and we will feature them on this site.

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