“Infinity” high speed broadband is now available in Oxton

High Speed Internet Update from Vince Smith

BT are showing that “Infinity” high speed internet is now available in Oxton.

Anyone interested should go to the following link and check that it is available for your
phone number (as it is for mine in Manor Close):


Speeds of “up to 40MB” are quoted but I am afraid that we will only know what actual
speeds are achievable by converting. As mentioned in my earlier report the length and
quality of the copper connection from the cabinet to the individual houses will affect the
rate of data transfer.

It would be expected that there will be some variation, as there is now, but one would
expect that everyone opting to go to “Infinity” will see a significant improvement. I, myself,
will be taking the new service but am not expecting to be in a position to do so before Mid-
April at the earliest. I would therefore be grateful for any feedback from anyone who gets
the service up and running.

I will post any further information when available
Vince Smith

3 thoughts on ““Infinity” high speed broadband is now available in Oxton

  1. If anyone who has moved to Infinity could do a speed test and report the results as a comment here then I’m sure it would be interesting reading.

    You can use either of these two sites for the test:
    http://www.thinkbroadband.com or http://www.speedtest.net/

    If you could include your general location in the village it would also be helpful.

    And if you have details of your speed prior to the switch then people might get an idea of the possible improvements.

    • I get connected on tuesday 13th. So i’ll let you know how i get on.

      Currently on a 5MB (access) line with O2, in reality i achieve between 1.5-3mb.

      So we’ll see what happens. I’m sceptical at getting 40MB going from fibre to copper. Either way i’ll get more speed for less . Its a no-brainer!!

  2. We were connected last week and the installation went without a hitch. Engineer showed me his test results of 40Mbits/sec down and 10 Mbits/sec up. I have confirmed this using Speed Test which reports 39.7Mbits/sec and 9.8Mbits/.sec respectively. I also asked the engineer for his experience of likely speed throughout the village and he reckoned they would be much the same. Previously we were getting a consistent 2Mbits/sec from a Demon Office 2000 service at a cost of £35 + VAT per month so the BT service is a bargain. Incidentally phone calls still go over the existing copper, only Broadband goes of the fibre. We are about 500 metres from the cabinet.

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