Looking for funding for a community project in Oxton?

Looking for help with the funding mix for a community project to improve facilities and activities in Oxton?

Following the success of the ‘Swing into ActionPlayspace appeal last Spring and further donations from community members, the Oxton Community Fundraisers charity are continuing their ‘Small Grants Scheme’ launched this Spring.

If you are a village group working on a Village Plan-identified or other Oxton community-based initiative and wondering how you might obtain the funds necessary for your project, then get in touch with OCF as we can offer fundraising advice, practical support with applying for grant funding and the opportunity to apply for small sums of matching funding from this new Scheme.

Expressions of interest are invited with a view to any bids being submitted in Round 2 to OCF by Thursday 21st June 2012 prior to the Trustees meeting the following week.

If you would like to join OCF as a Trustee or Member, please get in touch as we have our AGM coming up on 28th June.

Contact: Jan Sablitzky, OCF Secretary, at oxtoncf@btinternet.com or via the contact form below.

Swinging Into Action

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