Thanks for February! Here’s to March!

The Projection House would like to thank all who came along and supported February’s ‘Thriller’-themed film night of Stardust and The Bourne Ultimatum. It was a very enjoyable and action packed afternoon and evening! The magical storyline grabbed everyone throughout Stardust, so much so we had almost sold out of popcorn, and people were biting their nails in suspense wondering how Tristan Thorn (the hero) would win his fallen star and save her from the clutches of Lamia the deadly witch.

Even in the infancy of the Projection House events, it’s pleasantly warming to have to put more tables and chairs out for those that turned up later to see The Bourne Ultimatum. A perfect film to trial our new sound system through. My word it delivered every line, every punch, and little bit of detail perfectly.

We at The Projection House like to be timely in our choice of films, and so screening The Bourne Ultimatum was of course in line with the imminent news of the fourth part in the saga of the the Bourne films due to be released in August this year. However, we were very sad to hear of the death of Stardust’s David Kelly the following day on the 12th. He played a marvellous role as the ‘guard of the wall’ who attempts to keep Tristan out and the rather mysterious bad elements in. Born in Goatstown, Dublin, in 1929 he had an acting CV as long as Willie Wonkas extendable cane. In 82 years of life he had over 100 noted acting roles, from The Italian Job, to Mr O’Reilly the dodgy builder in Faulty Towers, Albert Riddle in Robins Nest, and Grandpa Joe in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So Mr David Kelly, we thank you for entertaining us and making us laugh, and the screening of Stardust was a tribute to you from us.

David Kelly, the guard of the wall

Please make a date in your diaries for our next event on the 16th March – ‘Irish Night’. A very special evening where we will have the BAFTA nominated film ‘The Guard’, Irish stew, flowing Guinness and Jameson’s whiskey, and a fantastic band, Wholesome Fish, to dance your socks off for the remainder of the night in true St Patrick’s style. Not to be missed!


Wholesome Fish. Shall we dance?

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