4 thoughts on “Village Walks in Oxton

  1. Hi Ashley. Do you have any more details about these walks? Where are they to/from? How far? What time of day? I can get something put in the What’s On calendar.

  2. i was thinking about starting the walks from the village hall and finishing them at either the bridge inn or the green dragon, as for the distance the first walk won’t be very far it’ll just be a shortish walk over to calverton woods then around the back of criftin farm then back up old epperstone road. the starting time of the walks can vary so they don’t clash with church services so if i could have some possible times that would be appreciated.

    • Previous walks were worked around church services, which was helpful, Sunday 2pm. once a month. Current walk selection sounds great to me, although it is not a short walk for a ‘tester’. The shortest walk I know is Windmill Hill, back down the permissive footpath finishing off at the bottom of Oxton Hill. Further walks on Village Notice Boards. Look forward to joining in with the walks. Colin Ashmore.

  3. Ashley, do you use or are you familiar with Foursquare? If you do use it, would you be interested in plotting some check in points around the village when you’re out on doing the walks? So that when we have any visitors to village who use it can check in and leave comments. We should be able to feed the ‘Foursquare’ check-ins back to http://www.MyOxton.org

    Not that my dad (Colin Ashmore) uses Foursquare, but he certainly knows all the great vantage points and walks that Oxton has to offer and i’m sure he would help you out.
    Simon Ashmore

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