Unsung Hero of the snow

Always ready to help

This is Peter Strutt, an unsung hero of Elmcroft. When the snow fell a few days ago and imminent forecast of sub-zero temperatures to follow. Peter took upon himself to carve a network of clear paths around many properties on Elmcroft particularly the properties of the elderly.  He was up early as he often is, before most have even flickered their eyelids, ploughing lifelines to most peoples doors. One elderly lady, Fanny Hall previously had fallen and broken her hip in three places and now is on a slow recovery in hospital. We wish her well, though that incident happened before the snow came. I’m sure Peter wasn’t leaving anything to chance for anyone else to succumb a similar misfortune. So we thank you Peter for being so kind and very thoughtful. Selfless acts like these don’t go unnoticed and are the glue that keeps good communities together. A few tins are beer are coming your way. Cheers Simon

3 thoughts on “Unsung Hero of the snow

  1. I thought an angel had called when I walked back from St Peter’s & St Pauls church on Sunday morning last. It was a welcoming sight to see the clear path to our front door and lo and behold it stretched right round the bungalows in Elmcroft. (Reminded me of my Dad, who did the same for our elderly neighbours decades ago. Good kind hearts are continuing to beat.)
    I blessed the unknown you – walking to our front door. I know now, Peter and bless you again. Thank you so much.

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