Atmospheric landscapes of Oxton in snow

Thanks to Simon Bernacki for these lovely atmospheric shots of the weekend’s snow.

Simon and his partner Michelle have recently moved to the village, so a warm (snowy) welcome to them both!

Simon is a keen photographer and has raised the question of whether there are any fellow Oxtonians who would be interested in a photographic club to help people take better pictures, learn about their cameras and equipment, or just a social club for people who enjoy taking pics which meets and sets projects. Or if such a group already exists? Please get in touch via the website if you are involved, or interested, in such a group.

You can see more of Simon’s photos on our Flickr photosteam

You can also join the Flickr group for Oxton photos

If you have photos of the recent snow you’d like to share, mail them to and we can feature them here

4 thoughts on “Atmospheric landscapes of Oxton in snow

  1. Oooooo these are lovely! I would be definitely interested in joining a photographic club
    Jill Jones

  2. Judy Meats is organising an Oxton arts festival Saturday June 30th – Sunday 1st July – including photo competition. That would also be a good opportunity to have a chat, share photos and gauge interest in having a photography club?

  3. Hoping to have announcements about both the arts festival and the photo competition here on the website in the next few days. Stay tuned!

  4. All are welcome to join the photographic flickr group ‘The Ostone Collection’ Flickr group that i’ve setup for photographs from and around Oxton. The more people join the better, so we get loads great photos!!!

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