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The Editorial Team is not responsible for the content update on the pages of this website. Please send any updates to is always looking for contributors, budding writers, correspondents. If anyone wishes to write a regular (daily/weekly/monthly) or irregular feature on a particular interest, whether it be local wildlife in the back garden, updates on club activities, regular events or one off events,  or if you just have general information that needs publicising to the village, please contact us at We’d love to hear from you! This is your website. It’s free for you to use it as you wish.


3 thoughts on “Get in touch with

  1. Just spent a wonderful hour browsing your website !!
    I lived in Oxton for about 30 years and have wonderful memories of the place and the friends we made there.

    I now live in Qingdao China which is about as far a way from sleepy Oxton as you can get !! LOL
    Nice to see the Panto is still going.

    • Hi Robb – Good to hear from you. Hope you are well out in Qingdao and business is good. Its been a while since we last spoke at the Panto. First Coimbatore, now Qingdao! All is well here in sleepy oxton, K, A, T & B are good. Maybe one day i’ll surprise you and turn up in Qingdao and say Hellooo! Cheers Simon

  2. Thanks Robb! If you ever feel like sharing some of your reminiscences of your time in Oxton, a perfect place would be our Oxton memories page, under the About Oxton>Oxton History menu.

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