PC Chairman’s Blog – February 2012

Minutes of Meetings:- Full minutes of meetings can be found at www.oxtonpc.org.uk

2012/13 Precept: Some good news to start the New Year! You may recall that in last month’s Blog I explained why the Parish Council (PC) agreed to reassign money in the old sinking fund to projects which fall out of the village plan. The reassignment of the funds means that for the third year in succession, there will be no increase in the Parish precept. The PC is maintaining current as well as providing improved village facilities and I hope Parishioners are proud of this achievement.

Litter Picking: Our thanks go to Parishioner Colin Ashmore who has very kindly volunteered his services to litter pick through the village. The PC is providing Colin with a high-viz jacket and litter picking stick. Please contact me for details if you too fancy helping keep your village litter free.

Ancient Sweet Chestnut Tree: An expert from WKW Tree Services has advised the PC that the large sweet chestnut tree on the periphery of the recreation field is probably one of the largest in the area which makes it of historical interest. It has been added to the ancient tree register and Council are considering applying for a tree protection order.

Road Traffic Order on New Rd, Sandy Lane & Water Lane: Notts CC has received  a corporate complaint against them regarding their handling of the decision process on the traffic order which would restrict access on New Road/Sandy Lane/Water Lane. A petition has been lost by County Council and the complaint relates to concerns regarding whether the weight of this petition was taken into account when the decision to proceed with the scheme was made. The start of the work has therefore been postponed until the complaint has been looked into. The investigation is being prioritised due to the fact the money for this scheme is available in this financial year.

Flood Alleviation Plan: The PC is still actively searching for a workable solution to flooding problems in the village. A meeting was held on 16th December with representatives from the PC, Newark & Sherwood District Council and Oxton Estate to discuss the findings of the latest JBA Consulting report.  The strategy is to stop excess water from reaching the New Road/Sandy Lane weir in flood conditions.  The three options which have been suggested are:-

1)       to build up banking on the smaller lake in order to create a holding place for any excess water

2)       this option is similar but on the second larger lake and would therefore mean biggerr earthworks in order to build up a bank and lastly,

3)       hold water on the north east side of Blind Lane

This is the favoured option as any excess water would be held outside the village and the terrain provides enough natural gullies in which to hold the water without the need for additional earthworks. The flow of water would be controlled by an automatic control structure. This type of control is used in locations throughout the County, the nearest is between Norwood Park and the “Merryweather” housing development in Southwell which was designated as a potential flood risk area when the estate was built. Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) technology has been used to provide an aerial survey of the land in question and the results now require analysis. The PC intends to approach the Environment Agency for advice. Oxton Estate has, in principal, no issue with their land being used for this purpose and in fact came up with the idea as a potential solution to the flooding problem. The Estate has also confirmed there is no site of special scientific interest (SSSI) on the land in question.  I truly hope that, for the sanity of those people whose homes are prone to flooding, option 3 will meet with the approval of all parties concerned.

Forest Road Resurface Work:   Our thanks go to Highways for the excellent, quick job they did of resurfacing the severely pot-holed section of Forest Road, also for their quick response to the PC’s request to clear out the main drains through the village.

Contribution to Oxton Flyer & Chiropody Clinic: Many thanks to County Councillor Andy Stewart for his £500.00 contribution towards running costs of the Flyer and chiropody clinic.

Best Wishes….Jill Jones   0115 965 5984                                       jill@q-max.demon.co.uk

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