Oxton’s Library is Open

News of the latest Village Plan project success, as the Oxton library is now officially open.

Featuring a selection of eclectic books, the library is located in the Best Room of the Green Dragon pub from 2pm each day.

There really is something for everyone.

If you can donate books to the libary, please contact Roy Walker using the contact form below

3 thoughts on “Oxton’s Library is Open

  1. We were the first visitors to the Library and think it is agreat idea. Lorraine is to be congratulated facilitating this amenity, open to all. We have one or two books to donate and I brought home to read ‘The White Queen’ . Choice was quite difficult from all the goodies there.

  2. Good news about the library. I’ll be looking to donate/offload some books.

    I was in a pub in Suffolk in December and they had books that they were encouraging people to take away with them if they wanted. It’s part of an idea called bookcrossing (info at http://www.bookcrossing.com/about).

    It may be worth thinking about – that way there would be no requirement to have a manned library at a specific time of day, with the administration that’s involved. The books would just be free to take. Something to consider maybe?

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