Worried about the price of heating oil fuel?

Thanks to Colin Rieley who has alerted us to the following information that may be of interest to many in the village.

He has got confirmation that the scheme is open to individuals.

They order once a month and the delivery is on one day.

Individual membership is £20 a year.


Full information is on the Rural Community Action website


RCAN’s new Bulk Oil project is here to help you!
Are you worried about the price of heating oil fuel?… Don’t have time to compare the prices?… Don’t want to buy the minimum of 1000 litres?… Fed up of large delivery vehicles blocking the roads? Had problems ordering heating oil during last winter?

Oil customers are encouraged to buy heating oil early. RCAN believe it is important that oil customers get the best deal when purchasing their oil.

RCAN’s oil purchasing scheme will be good for members, who save 4p per litre on average. The scheme also benefits the environment by reducing the number of tankers on Nottinghamshire’s country roads, and cutting vehicle mileage.

To find out more Telephone Annalisa Goodwin on 01623 727600 or email agoodwin@rcan.org.uk

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