Oxton PC Chairman’s Blog – December/January 2011

Well here we are again; just a few more days remain in 2011. Is it just me or do you also think the years are flying by? It doesn’t seem two minutes since I was wishing everyone Merry Christmas 2010. Here’s the latest news.

Sinking Fund:- What’s the “sinking fund” I hear you say. Well, the fund was set up many moons ago in order to amass money to pay for replacement play equipment. This happened via a different funding mechanism so the PC is in an enviable position where it has funds that can now be assigned to other uses. Council unanimously agreed that the money in the sinking fund be allocated to proposals agreed by the Parish Council which arise from the Village Plan. In future these monies will be referred to as the ‘Village Plan Fund’ in financial reports.

PC Funding for Five Proposals:- I thought you might be interested to know the outcome of five proposals tabled at the November meeting. Unanimous support was given for all five proposals.
Installation of a Real Time Water Level and Data Transmission Monitor on the Dumble ford area:- The device will send out text messages to designated mobile phones when predetermined water levels have been breached thus warning Parishioners of a potential flood risk in that area. Contact Parish Councillor Ian Kilpatrick on 965 4805 if you would like to receive this text warning.
Recreation Ground Phase Three – Creation of a Level Grassed Area on the Recreation Field:- As part of the initiative to bring the recreation field into active use, a proposal to undertake the requisite works required to provide a clearly demarcated multi-use grassed area measuring approx. 50m x 70m towards the west end of the field was agreed. The bonfire site will still exist. The proposal also includes removal of the moles across the Recreation Ground in its entirety and on an ongoing basis. The project has a possible completion date of June 2012. On behalf of the PC, I would like to thank Oxton Estate as without their support and co-operation this proposal would not be financially viable.
Oxton Flyer:- Financial support for this important community facility was approved without question. On a personal note, I would like to see more people would use the Flyer; it now travels to Southwell, Bingham and Arnold. Any Parishioner can “get on board” – it is much more economical than using your own transport!
Chiropody Clinic:- The Clinic is a lifeline for some of our Parishioners who experience mobility issues and would find it extremely difficult to attend a local surgery for their treatment. Full support of the PC was given.
Picnic Tables:- A proposal from a Village Plan Project Team to erect three picnic tables on the Recreation Ground within close proximity to the new play area was fully supported. Thanks go to Katherine Soanes & Julia Stirland for their efforts with this proposal.

Dover Beck Sponsorship:- The Dover Beck is, according to the recent Village Plan questionnaire results, much loved by Oxtonians young and old alike. The PC has contributed £100 for a number of years towards production costs of our parish magazine. As with everything else, these production costs have increased therefore Council has agreed to increase its contribution to £150.00 forthwith.

Local Access Order New Road, Sandy Lane & Water Lane:- Notts. County Council has informed the PC that the Cabinet Member for Transport and Highways considered the objections to the Prohibition of Motor Vehicles Order proposed for New Road, Sandy Lane and Water Lane and resolved to overrule the objections. Therefore, the signing and gateway works associated with the Order plus moving the 30mph Speed Limit further along Sandy Lane towards Southwell Road will commence as soon as there is manpower available.
Play Space Carers:- On behalf of the PC I would like to say a big thank you to all the Play Space Carers who look after Oxton’s fantastic play area. You all do a great job – long may you (want to) continue!

Minutes of Meetings:- Full minutes of meetings can be found at www.oxtonpc.org.uk

And finally………..My best wishes to you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!

Kind regards..…….
Jill Jones
0115 965 5984

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