Oxton PC Chairman’s Blog – November 2011

Before I joined the Parish Council (PC) I had very little knowledge of the process Council follow when setting its precept, or budget in non-council speak. I am therefore dedicating the whole of November’s Blog to this subject and hope you find it of interest.

2012/13 Precept: Each November the PC meets to discuss and agree the following financial year’s precept (how much money we have to spend in Oxton for the year). This year will be no different except there will be more financial demand on the PC and, as such, the precept will more than likely increase. I thought you might be interested to know what any potential increase could mean, in monetary terms, to your overall council tax bill. The following information was provided by Newark & Sherwood District Council Principal Revenues Officer in August this year:-

“The tax base is worked out for each Parish on the number of properties in the village in terms of council tax Band D, after deducting any exemptions, discounts or reliefs that the residents in the village are receiving. For Oxton the 2011/12 tax base was £273.93 and the precept was £8,500 so therefore each Band D property would pay £31.03 towards the precept for Oxton Parish Council (£8,500 ÷ £273.93 = £31.03). The remaining council tax charge is made up by the other precepting bodies including Nottinghamshire County Council, Newark and Sherwood District Council and the Police and Fire Authorities
The tax base for each Parish will change from year to year depending on newly built and demolished properties and any changes in entitlements to reliefs, exemptions and discounts. If it were the same amount next year then every additional £273.93 in Parish precept would mean an extra £1 payable by a Band D property (or £0.67 for a Band A or £2.00 for a Band H property) over the year”.

So if the Parish precept was increased by £273.93 to £8,773.93 a Band D property would pay £32.03 a year i.e. £1.00 more and so on.

As things stand, I cannot see any reason why Oxton’s tax base will change much in the forthcoming financial year. In the September edition of the Dover Beck I talked about the needs of the Parish and how the PC spends its precept. Those needs are relevant year on year plus new needs arise which require funding.

Here are some examples of why the precept may increase:-

The Oxton Flyer will no longer be subsidised by Notts County Council (CC) therefore the service will be funded in its entirety by the PC. If at all possible please use the service as the fares help pay for this very important village facility. It is open to all to use and it now journeys to Southwell and Arnold as well as Bingham.
Village Plan Action Groups are busy implementing demands from the questionnaire results some of which will require funding by the PC out of the precept.
2012 sees two possible village celebrations. One is the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and the other is the Olympics hosted, of course, by Great Britain. The PC may be asked to contribute to a village event planned to celebrate one or both of these occasions.
The chiropody clinic which Council provides for Parishioners who, due to lack of transport, would be unable to receive treatment, requires funding for another year.

2012 will be an exciting year for Oxton as all the hard work from the Village Plan starts to come to fruition. I hope you’ll bear this in mind when the PC decides next years’ precept.

Minutes of Meetings:- Full minutes of meetings can be found at www.oxtonpc.org.uk
Best Wishes….Jill Jones
0115 965 5984

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