We now have our first ever Oxton Village Plan!

A last word from the Village Plan Planning Group

Thursday 13th October was a momentous day for Oxton as the village plan was launched. It was great that so many people came to collect their plan and hear about the projects that we now have to preserve, maintain and develop our lovely village.

The Village Plan has:

7 sections: Environment; Entertainments; Exercise and Sport; Traffic, Transport & Crime Prevention; Village Facilities; Village Infrastructure & Caring Oxton.
29 projects – some with related sub-sections. Most have volunteer leaders – if you are interested in leading any of the sections that currently do not have a leader, please register your interest with Joan (0115 9653789 or trebleclef.arnold@btinternet.com)
a section on the ideas received from children, some of which have already been incorporated into the action plan and others which are listed at the back and which will be considered and hopefully added once there are volunteers to do it. Again please let Joan know if you are particularly interested in helping with specific activities for children.
A printed version of the Village Plan has been issued to every household and consists of:

A smart wallet – something to represent what you told the planning group about Oxton, something attractive that you will enjoy reading and having in your home – pictures and drawings of the village, history and an indication of what people said they valued – the assets. Also the background of how we’ve got to here.
An Action Plan – a working but ever-changing document – a snapshot of where we are now. This can be viewed and downloaded here: Initial action plan word version October 2011
How will we make sure that work on the action plan continues?

Initially, for 6 months, there will be someone with special oversight for each of the 7 sections, advising, helping and supporting the leaders of the projects.

It’s really important that the whole village gets behind these projects otherwise nothing will get done. So, if you are interested in any of the projects there is still a chance to volunteer your help – again contact Joan or one of the people named in the action plan.

After six months the planning group will review progress and decide how to manage it in the future.

Joan is devising some guidelines for section and project leaders and contact details for them will be attached to the action plans that are around the village. A list will also be put on this website so you can contact them when you need to.

How will you know what’s happening with the action plan?

It is already out of date as many such plans are but it shows that things are happening. Quite a lot has already started and in some projects are finished but need to be maintained.

From now on, there will be regular reports in the Dover Beck and here at http://www.myoxton.org.uk

Updates of the whole action plan will be published when appropriate – copies in the village hall, the shop/PO, the church and the pubs with a pdf file on the web for people to download and print for themselves and for those who have no internet access.


All this was made possible by a grants from the Lottery Fund, from our local county councillor and from the Parish Council (for which thanks).

As the Planning group has fulfilled its remit and is to be dissolved, they recommended (and the meeting agreed) that any outstanding money should be transferred into the account held by Oxton Community Fundraisers (OCF), who already hold money for the village plan raised by the last open gardens

Joan’s thanks go to the members of the planning group; the volunteers who led sessions, who delivered and collected questionnaires, all the people who are leading and supporting projects, children, photographers, Simon Stirland for printing, the Parish Council and Notts County Council for funding, and RCAN for support and help.

The job of the planning group has now finished. However, the whole village needs to continue working hard to bring as many of the projects as possible to fruition. Remember – this is only a piece of paper – it’s up to all of us to keep working at the projects so we can make Oxton the Village we all want it to be.

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